Welcome to the Appeal Commission

Our Mission is to ensure workers and employers continue to receive a full and impartial hearing of appeals in accordance with the rules of natural justice and that decisions by the Appeal Commission are a fair reflection of the facts of the case and the governing legislation.


Quality Assurance

The Appeal Commission maintains a consistent and high level of professional conduct, knowledgeable decision making, and accountability, while respecting different and shared values and perspectives.

Public Integrity

The Appeal Commission is, and is seen to be, an independent body with integrity and a rational decision making process.

Responsive to Change

The Appeal Commission evolves in a proactive and creative manner by assuring a process of consultation and consensus around desired change.


All appeal commissioners are committed to a high standard of professionalism in the fulfillment of their duties to conduct fair and impartial hearings under The Workers Compensation Act and its regulations. As well as their individual responsibility to become knowledgeable in the matters before them, the commissioners have a individual and collective responsibility to one another to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance of individual differences and opinions, freedom from pre-determined bias, and a commitment to look for objective truth and sound decision making.

Respectful Work Environment

Appeal commissioners interact with staff and colleagues in a manner which promotes mutual respect as well as clarity and understanding of respective roles.

Latest Decisions

Decision No.130/2016

Whether or not the worker is entitled to full wage loss benefits effective September 9, 2015.

Decision No.129/2016

Accident Date: September 10, 2012:

Whether or not the worker is entitled to wage loss benefits from January 30, 2013 to March 25, 2013; and

Whether or not the worker is entitled to wage loss and medical aid benefits after March 25, 2013.

Accident Date: January 2, 2013:

Whether or not the claim is acceptable.


Decision No.128/2016

Whether or not the claim is acceptable.

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